A vision of future urban mobility: EVs without wires

Qualcomm halo

May 23, 2018

The electric vehicle (EV) is coming of age, and most of the major automotive OEMs have actively entered the market, sharing their visions and concepts for future ranges.

For EVs to reach the tipping point of mass adoption, they must be easy and intuitive to own, and this includes how they are charged. Wireless electric vehicle charging (WEVC) offers a simple and elegant charging solution which plays to the human ease of use and removes an interaction with the vehicle that has never existed over the history of car ownership, that of plugging in at home.

This free 60-minute webinar, led by Graeme Davison, VP, Business Development & Marketing at Qualcomm Technologies International explore’s the implementation of WEVC, and Qualcomm’s vision for its widespread adoption. Graeme is joined by David Martell, Founder and Chief Executive of Chargemaster.

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