The Internet of cars part 2 – the cloud


12th June, 2014

In this series of four webinars sponsored by GENIVI, a non-profit industry alliance committed to driving the broad adoption of an In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) open-source development platform, leading experts discuss the technologies and trends which are making the Internet of Cars a reality (Automotive within the IoT). Part 2 focuses on the role that The Cloud will play in the evolution of the connected car over the next decade and beyond.

Download the Slides:

  1. The Internet of cars and the cloud by Franz Walkembach, Product Line Manager Automotive Solutions, Wind River
  2. The Internet of cars part 2 – the cloud by Dean Miles, Senior Vice President, Symphony Teleca
  3. The Internet of cars - the cloud by Joel Hoffmann, Automotive Strategist, Automotive Solutions Division, Intel

View the recording: