e-Mobility – Charging as a key challenge


November 22, 2017

Fast recharging is essential for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) to ensure on-demand mobility. This changes system design, shifting from today’s loose link between refuelling stations and vehicles, to a tight relationship between infrastructure and BEVs.

During this free 60-minute webinar, Gerald Teuschl, Product Manager Electrification at AVL List provides an overview of charging standards and infrastructure, to illustrate current limitations and future opportunities.

Based on future standards, voltage level rightsizing is a key enabler for fast charging. Gerald’s presentation outlines the benefits and limitations of extended voltage, something which can significantly impact the entire BEV system design.

A short case study based around an 800V BEV will be used to illustrate the key challenges of system design. Thermal system design and management are key enablers for fast charging, and the presentation will conclude with a discussion of associated challenges.

Download the slides:

e-Mobility - Charging as a key challenge by Gerald Teuschl, Product Manager Electrification, AVL

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