Connected Car Detroit 2018

Connectivity underpins the auto industry’s future

Soon all cars will be connected, offering owners and users a multitude of convenience and efficiency-related services, as well as on-demand infotainment. But that’s in the future – right now, OEMs need to work out how to get there, and how to make it pay. Martin Kahl heard auto industry experts discuss all of this and more at Connected Car Detroit

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American Automobile Association (AAA)

From roadside assistance to digital assistants

As cars evolve, as new business models arise, and as the term mobility takes on new and greater meaning, membership organisations like AAA are rethinking their strategies to keep ahead of the curve and ensure they remain relevant. By Celeste Dooley

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Autonomous Car Detroit 2018

Autonomous cars will turn parking into an unpleasant memory

There’s much to be done before we have autonomous cars on public roads, ranging from testing and validation to developing business models, writing regulation and defining liability. But enough with the problems, say the AV proponents – let’s talk about solutions! At Autonomous Car Detroit, Martin Kahl heard about the challenges, and the opportunities

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Connected Car California 2018

Auto industry makes the CASE for the MaaS market car

Whether shared, electrified or autonomous, the car of the future will be connected. At Connected Car California, a future-of-the-auto-industry event organised by Automotive Megatrends, OEMs and suppliers joined mobility companies and tech suppliers to discuss the auto industry’s connected future. Martin Kahl reflects on the key talking points

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Training, not tech, is slowing AV development

Algorithms are the biggest secret behind the autonomous car – but for the foreseeable future, those algorithms need to learn what humans already know. Randi Barshack of Figure Eight (formerly CrowdFlower) talks to Michael Nash about training machines to learn

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