Autonomous vehicles: out of the lab and onto the road


May 5, 2016

The self-driving car is no longer the stuff of science fiction. In fact, autonomous vehicle innovation has progressed far faster than many have expected. The question is no longer “how is this possible?” but “when will it be mainstream?” Currently, much of the innovation and technology around autonomous vehicles has come from highly specialized companies or collaborative proof-of-concepts. However, none have the commercial expertise to properly scale and move from the lab to production. So, what will it take to drive the development of the autonomous car forward? That is the subject of this webinar from Wind River and Ricardo.

In this engaging discussion regarding the latest developments moving autonomous cars off the drawing board and onto the road, you will learn:

  • What types of software capabilities are required to deliver on the promise of a commercial-ready autonomous vehicle
  • Key considerations in designing, testing and validating autonomous vehicles at commercial scale
  • Risk and regulatory issues around commercial autonomic vehicles
  • How lessons learned from the aeronautics industry apply to the autonomous car

Download the slides:

Autonomous vehicles: out of the lab and onto the road by Marques McCammon, General Manager, Connected Vehicle Solutions, Wind River & Lee Barnes, Director, Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Business, Ricardo

View webinar recording: